DSC_1642Love, that other bitch



A still from the music video I shot for Allie’s song “Bigger” last week. At the last minute I thought we needed to include some other shots of purely visual elements cut between singing. I knew close ups were working best with my 35mm f/1.8 and I liked the way some shots we already had of water drops from icecubes looked. We were lucky it was rose season and I ran out armed with a pair of scissors to steal a couple from the houses near by. Stealing roses is quite the sordid affair- I’m very sorry neighbours. musicstill

I took these two shots right after each other- one with flash one without. I  basically just clicked my camera as much as possible while Allie stood outside for a couple of minutes in one of the most ridiculous storms I’ve ever witnessed. I had a light diffuser attached to the flash and held it below me pointing upwards. I sort of wanted it to look like the dark shots of running through memories in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with a lot of lens drop off. I like the artificial light from the flash but the washout of blues and greens inthe no-flash shots feel like drowning in a storm.untitled-1-5 untitled-2And here are some more.

untitled-1-7  untitled-1-8

untitled-1-6 untitled-1-10

Toronto is a mess of sticky summer heat but things get real fun when the storms hit. This afternoon we got hit with a torrential downpour and booming cracks of lightening and thunder.  Naturally, Allies first thought was to take of her pants and stand on the patio. I attacked my flash to a cord so I could move it all around and try some different light angles. I set my exposure to 1/250s (highest available with flash), cranked to f/22 and shot at ISO800 creating some of this extra glow. In Lightroom I used a pre-set filter I created with warm split-toning and increased clarity to make it a little sharper. I like it that my ISO was higher than it should be creating this blown out light trail. Feels like a cosmic galaxy. untitled-1-2